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StoreFront Error: Cannot complete your request

December 2, 2013

When accessing a store website on StoreFront, the following error message is displayed:
“Cannot complete your request. You can log on and try again, or contact your help desk for assistance.”

Cause – 1

The Citrix Credential Wallet service is not started.

Resolution – 1

Ensure the Citrix Credential Wallet service is started on the StoreFront server. If it is already started, restart the service.

Note: Change this service Startup Type to Automatic (Delayed Start) and restart the server.

Cause – 2

The StoreFront server cannot resolve the StoreFront FQDN.

Resolution – 2

    • In a multi-server deployment, the StoreFront server needs to resolve the configured StoreFront URL (Server Base URL) to the Load Balancer VIP. For more information on how to configure a Load Balance VIP on a NetScaler for StoreFront multi-server groups, see

    • In a single-server deployment, the Server Base URL must resolve to the StoreFront’s server local IP address.

Cause – 3

The “User name and password” authentication method is not enabled on the StoreFront server.

Resolution – 3

Enable the User name and password option authentication method on the StoreFront server.

Cause – 4

When going through a NetScaler Load Balancer VIP, the Virtual Server is using the same SNIP/ MIP configured in the Access Gateway general settings of the Store where the Remote Access is enabled.

Resolution – 4

For the Subnet IP address in the Access Gateway general Settings, type a false IP address.

For example,

If you have the Access Gateway virtual server and the Load Balancer VIP on the same Netscaler, when an internal end user tries to access the StoreFront Load Balanced Server Base URL (instead of accessing the Access Gateway virtual server), StoreFront is assuming that the end user has authenticated at the Access Gateway because StoreFront correlates the source IP address of the incoming user to the Access Gateway’s SNIP/MIP. This triggers the StoreFront to try and use the Access Gateway’s silent authentication, rather than prompting the user to login with their credentials.

Cause – 5

AGEE / Load Balancer Scenario – Values in the Method and Persistence tab in the Load Balancer are not set correctly.

Resolution – 5

When using a Load Balancer through AGEE, ensure that the values in Method and Persistence tab is configured with the LB Method as “Least Connection” and Persistence as “SOURCEIP”.

Note: If the value for Persistence is set as “COOKIEINSERT” or any other value, an error message “cannot complete your request” will be displayed.

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